Pan Gregorian Enterprises of Upper New York was established in 1989 by a few restaurant owners who had a vision of uniting all restaurateurs for a stronger negotiating power with various Broad Line Distributors and Manufacturers that each establishment dealt with on a daily basis. This organization started out with only 12 members, and as of today has grown to more than 500. Pan Gregorian Enterprises of Upper New York is a well-organized Food Cooperative, which means that its members share ownership. A President and the Board of Directors, who are elected yearly by their peers during the annual General Assembly meetings and whose job is to negotiate contracts with Broad Line Distributors, govern the organization. Pan Gregorian Enterprises of Upper New York has current contracts with 6 Broad Line Distributors and holds over 100 programs with various Manufacturers. Pan Gregorian Enterprises of Upper New York supports the independent restaurant owner, and for those working under our umbrella and using our contracts and programs it means more than just saving extra dollars, it means having greater purchasing power as a group. Our team works hard to secure contracts with national distributors such as Pepsi-Cola, Heinz, and Tyson to name a few. Our membership reflects all who share a goal of commitment and success and all restaurant owners not just those of Greek descent.

Pan Gregorian Enterprises of Upper New York has also been recognized for its Charitable Foundation. The Charitable Foundation organizes an annual Dinner Dance event to raise funds for organizations such as: Sloan Kettering Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Hudson Valley Veterans, Children’s Cancer Research Hospital, and Boy Scouts of America to mention a few. We have also contributed to individual families of children with terminal illnesses. We are grateful to the inspiration that our predecessors gave us, and with their legacy we hope to continue growing and improving our organization by maintaining their original ideals, commitment, strength and unity.