How to Calculate Servings of Bag in Box Soda

Pepsi 20 oz Cup of Soda

Pepsi 20 oz Cup of Soda

  1. 5 Gal Bag-in-box holds 5 gallons of syrup.
  2. There are 128 ounces in 1 gallon.  Your 5 Gal BIB has 640 ounces.
  3. Your soda fountain system will mix water and syrup at a 5 to 1 ratio.
  4. Divide cup size by 6 for number of ounces of syrup used per cup.
    Example for 10 oz. cup: 10 ÷ 6 = approximately 1.7
    There are approximately 1.7 oz. of syrup used per each 10 oz. cup
  5. Divide oz. of syrup used per cup by 640 total oz.
    Example: 640 ÷ 1.7 = approximately 376
  6. This is the estimated number of servings per 5 gallon bag in box (*excluding ice)

Syrup Cost Per Cup

Use chart below to determine how many servings  and the cost per cup.
Cup Size (oz.) Syrup Needed (oz.) Servings Per 3 Gallon BIB Soda Cost per Cup* Servings Per 5 Gallon BIB Soda Cost per Cup*
7 oz. 1.17 329 $.017 549 $.017
9 oz. 1.50 256 $.022 426 $.021
10 oz. 1.67 230 $.025 376 $.024
12 oz. 2.00 192 $.030 320 $.029
16 oz. 2.67 144 $.040 237 $.038
20 oz. 3.33 115 $.049 194 $.048
24 oz. 4.00 96 $.059 160 $.057
32 oz. 5.33 72 $.079 120 $.076
*These estimates do not take into account the amount of ice in each cup. The more ice is placed in a cup the less space there is for soda, which means less syrup is used.

How Does Bag In Box Soda Work?

Bag in box soda connects directly to your soda fountain lines to dispense carbonated beverages. It can easily be swapped out with a fresh box to refresh your soda supply, or to add a new flavor. They work by using CO2 to push syrup out of the bag to mix with water, which is also mixed with CO2 to produce soda water. This mixture of carbonated water and syrup is then pushed through the dispenser into a cup, at which point it is ready for customers to enjoy. Bag in box systems portion out and mix ingredients, making it an easy system for employees to rely on.  

How Often Should Soda Lines be Cleaned?

Keeping your soda machine clean is an essential step in serving delicious, uncontaminated soda. Some parts of your machine, such as nozzles and dispensing valves, should be cleaned daily, but cleaning other parts can be done less frequently. Syrup connectors should be disconnected and sanitized weekly, and syrup lines should be cleaned weekly or monthly.

To clean syrup lines, fill a sanitized bucket with warm cleaning solution, and remove the syrup lines from your BIB syrups. Place the opened line valve in your cleaning solution, and activate the dispenser to flush the lines with cleaning solution. Repeat this process multiple times, then finish the process with a rinsing flush.


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