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You Focus on Hospitality, KI Will Focus on Legality

How can we help you? KI Legal focuses on guiding companies and businesses throughout the entire legal spectrum. Co-founders Andreas Koutsoudakis and Michael Iakovou founded the firm on the premise that family-owned-and-operated businesses need representation at every step of the operational process. Accordingly, KI Legal offers services that directly cater to what businesses need, and perhaps have not even thought of with regards to their day-to-day operations. This includes: litigation defense, shareholder litigation, labor compliance, asset and liability protection strategies, commercial transactions, real estate transactions, and Chapter 11 Reorganization.

It is KI Legal’s cross disciplinary, all-encompassing approach to representation that truly benefits theirclients. This is exemplified in all of their services. They take a holistic approach to deal structure simultaneously limiting liability and leveraging requisite bankruptcy laws by focusing on the entirety of their clients needs rather than only the transaction on hand. KI Legal takes a similar approach in a large real estate transaction, paying close attention to proper permitting, zoning analysis, asset protection, and tax structuring in order to guide their clients to a much better outcome. These are but two examples out of countless others that demonstrate how their cross disciplinary methods benefit their clients.

KI Legal’s unwavering reputation for diligent and thoughtful representation has been established and sustained by its strong team of reputable attorneys and staff. For more information, visit, and for the latest updates, follow KI Legal on LinkedInFacebookInstagram and YouTube. To schedule a free consult, call (212) 404-8644 or email,


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