With this week’s market performance / increase, we come to the end of a 6-week run of downward pricing risk the brought bacon prices down by almost $1.00/lb – after peaking in early August. As the market heads up this week, we are likely seeing the lowest price this week that we will see until the second week of November. The outlook calls for the new upward risk potential to remain for the coming 4-6 weeks (through late October / early November), before returning to a downward risk trend for November and December… continuing with general market weakness into and through 2022.Q1.

Bacon Pricelist Changes (2021):

  • Week of 09/26/2021 – Raw Bacon UP $0.13/LB (vs. Last Week)
  • Week of 09/19/2021 – Raw Bacon DOWN $0.03/LB 
  • Week of 09/12/2021 – Raw Bacon DOWN $0.10/LB 


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