Rebate Tracking System

Our rebate tracking system processes over 2 million transactions annually.  When a member buys from our partners that transaction (date, description, price) is sent to us to record the purchase and calculate the rebate.  Each month, members receive an update of their purchases, savings and accumulated rebates.  The member reviews the purchased amount and the eligibility of rebates to make sure it is accurate.

Price Watching

The system flags transactions that are higher than the average.  All exceptions are sent to the distributor to be investigated.

Rebate Tracking

We receive purchasing data from our partners, which is then input into the system.  The system calculates each member’s rebate based on our contracts.


Our system is securely housed  in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Amazon has state-of-the-art security and reliability.


Efficiency lowers cost and drives more money back to the member.  We are proud to have distributed back 100% of member rebates for the past 6 years!

100% Transparency

Members receive their monthly statement to verify their purchases, incentives and rebates.


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